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Equity Release

Unlock the Value of Your Home with Equity Release from Page Mortgages


At Page Mortgages, we understand that your home is more than just a place to live—it's a significant part of your financial journey. Equity Release offers you the opportunity to access the wealth tied up in your property without the need to move. Whether you're looking to supplement your retirement income, fund a dream holiday, or assist family members financially, our Equity Release solutions can provide you with the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your wealth today.


What is Equity Release?


Equity Release refers to a range of products that let you access the equity (cash) tied up in your home if you are over the age of 55. You can take the money you release as a lump sum, in several smaller amounts on which you might pay interest, or as a combination of both. There are two main types of Equity Release:


1. Lifetime Mortgage: The most popular type of Equity Release, where you borrow money secured against your home while retaining ownership. You do not need to make repayments until you die or move into long-term care.


2. Home Reversion: You sell part or all of your home to a home reversion provider in return for a lump sum or regular payments. You have the right to continue living in the property until you pass away, rent-free, but you have to agree to maintain and insure it.


Why Choose Page Mortgages for Equity Release?


Expert Guidance: Navigating Equity Release can be complex. Our team of experts provides clear, comprehensive advice to ensure you understand all your options and the implications for your financial future and estate.


Tailored Solutions: We understand that every individual’s financial situation and goals are unique. We work closely with you to tailor an Equity Release plan that meets your specific needs, helping you to live more comfortably in retirement.


Transparent and Ethical Advice: At Page Mortgages, we prioritise your well-being. We offer honest, transparent advice and only recommend Equity Release if it’s the right option for you.


Comprehensive Support: From the initial consultation through to the final decision, we’re with you every step of the way. Our aim is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Maximise Your Retirement with Equity Release


Unlocking the equity in your home can provide numerous benefits:


Financial Freedom: Access to cash can provide financial breathing room to enjoy the lifestyle you desire in retirement.


Legacy Planning: Equity Release can be a strategic part of your estate planning, allowing you to gift money to family members when they need it most.


Debt Management: Consolidate debts to reduce financial stress without having to sell your home.


Begin Your Equity Release Journey with Confidence


Choosing to release equity from your home is a significant decision. At Page Mortgages, we’re committed to providing you with all the information you need to make a choice that’s right for you. Our team offers the expertise, care, and support to ensure you make the most out of your property wealth.

Ready to explore how Equity Release could enhance your financial freedom? Contact Page Mortgages today for a no-obligation consultation.

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